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Most vehicles are fitted with air conditioning systems. We are all used to using air conditioning in our vehicles and air conditioning system, like most other vehicle parts, require regular servicing. Keeping your air conditioning system in a good condition will make sure it runs efficiently and it will also help maintain your vehicles value for longer, making it easier to sell it when the time comes.


•  It is estimated that 10 % of air conditioning gas escapes the system every year

•  Air conditioning systems require regular servicing - we recommend getting yours done every 2 years

•  If your van or car air conditioning feels no cooler we will give you your money back

Holmfield MOT and Repairs will make sure the air conditioning in your car or van is working efficiently in Halifax, Bradford and Keighley.

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Van & car air conditioning/servicing

In Halifax, Bradford and Keighley


What We Offer:

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Air con service and regas from £29.99

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