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Servicing to Electric & hybric vehicles

You might think that servicing a plug in hybrid vehicle is much the same as servicing any other vehicle. This is not the case.


Yes there are a lot of similar components but then there is the major difference of working with very high voltages. All our staff are fully trained in working on electric and hybrid cars.

Our services include:

  • Hybrid engine systems

  • Vehicle electric motors

  • Power inverter systems

  • Fuel and energy management systems

  • Battery regeneration

Hybrid & electric car servicing in Halifax, Bradford & Keighley

Need a service on your hybrid car?

FREE MOT retest

For reliable servicing for hybrid and electric cars in Halifax, Bradford and Keighley, get in touch with the experts at Holmfield MOT and Repairs.

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What We Offer:

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MOT centre                                 Engine reconditioning                

Terraclean service centre          Vehicle recovery

Exhausts and batteries              Competitive garage services    

Air conditioning                          Clutches and gearboxes                    

Why choose us?

We are fully trained to work on hybrid and electric vehicles and also put worker and public safety is a most and high priority.


By bringin your car to us you will get your car work completed at a great price unlike taking it to a main dealer who will charge way over what you should be paying.

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